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Afroz Bano : thumri

Afroz Bano is one of India’s most popular exponents of thumri. Gifted with a powerful voice, which has mellowed through sustained riyaz, she is recognised for her ability to sensitively interpret the range of emotions demanded by the text of the poems that she sings. In addition to thumri, Afroz Bano is equally adept in the styles of Ghazal, Bhajan and Rajasthani Mand. She has also sung for Hindi films.

Afroz Bano – Tilak Kamod – More Raja Nahin Aaye :  Download

Afroz Bano – Pilu – Nadiya Kinare Moro Gaon :  Download

Afroz Bano – Kaushik Dhwani – Nazariya Laag Rahi Kisi Or :  Download

Afroz Bano – Bhairavi – Ho Gayi Beriya Piya Ke Aavan Ki :  Download

Afroz Bano – Misra Mand – Kesariya Baalam :  Download

The concert, recorded in 2003, includes compositions based on established ragas. For this recital Afroz Bano has chosen the traditional thumri accompaniment of Sarangi, Tabla and Harmonium. The Sarangi is the most accurate instrument to imitate the subtle nuances of the thumri style.

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