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Songs from the British library 2

The gramophone recordings from the Linguistic Survey of India consists of digitized recordings originally collected in South Asia during a period from 1913 until 1929. Intended as a supplement to Sir George A Grierson's Linguistic Survey of India published between 1904 and 1927, the recordings of stories, songs and poems were collected by provincial and presidential governments of British-ruled India in cooperation with Grierson and the Gramophone Company, Calcutta.

Song in Mewati by Husseina of Delhi (1920) :  Download

Song in Jaunsari by Madho Ram & Nand Ram of Chakrata (1920) :  Download

Song in Kumauni by Chandan Singh of Almora (1920) :  Download

Song in Bagheli by Babu Raghunath Prasad of Jhansi (1920) :  Download

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