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Kishori Amonkar : four ragas

Believed by many as the finest female vocalist of her generation, Kishori Amonkar has been blessed with a naturally melodious voice. The distinguishing feature of her performance is the effortlessness with which she presents the ragas. Her renderings keep intact the tradition of the Jaipur gharana without being tradition bound, thus winning the acclaim of purists as well as laymen. Kishori Amonkar’s mother, the illustrious Mogubai Kurdekar, told her once: “Sing for the nature and everything will respond to you.” How true were those words. Birds, animals, trees, the grass and even the sun seem to reciprocate when Kishori Amonkar sings.

Kishori Amonkar – Deskar – Hun To Tore Karan Jaagi :  Download

Kishori Amonkar – Gaud Sarang – Kajrare Gori Tore Naina :  Download

Kishori Amonkar – Miyan Malhar – Umad Ghumad :  Download

Kishori Amonkar – Bhinna Shadja – Ud Ja Re Kaaga :  Download

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