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Ramkumar Chatterjee

Ramkumar Chatterjee (Chattopadhyay) (1921-2009) was a famous singer from Bengal. He is best known for his unique Bengali tappa and puratoni gaan (old Bengali songs). He also had a special place in singing in the baithaki gaan (songs sung at elite evening gatherings) prevalent during the ‘babu raj’ in old Bengal of the last century. He was very popular among the masses because of his unique signature parodies, which enthralled the audiences. He also composed music for two Bengali films, Streer Patra (1973) and Parikrama (1996).

Ramkumar Chatterjee – Thumri – Jaoto Piyari :  Download

Ramkumar Chatterjee – Thumri – Sanchi Kaho Mujhe Batiya :  Download

Ramkumar Chatterjee – Thumri – Nadiya Kinare Mere Gaon :  Download

Ramkumar Chatterjee – Thumri – Mohe Panghat Pe Nandlal :  Download

More songs by Ramkumar Chatterjee very soon.

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