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Baba Bihari Ji Kathak

Born about 90 years back in BIDASAR village of Churu district in Rajasthan, Baba Bihari Ji Kathak is one of the greatest Folk Artist that India has borne.

He took his initial classical music training from his mother. Later, he also got trained in various ‘Gharanas’ of Kanpur, Banaras, Kolkatta. Apart from Classical Music, he attained great heights in Ghazals and Rajsthani Folk Music. Sadly, this ‘Gem’ of Hindustani Music left us all in 1990.

There is also a Baba Bihari Ji Kathak Fan Club on Facebook, the link for which is given below:

Thank you Krishan Kant Ratawa Ji for sharing these rare audio files with us.

Chadi – By Baba Bihari Ji Kathak : Raag Bhervi :   Jeev Tu Jayego – By Baba Bihari Ji Kathak : Raag Kalingda :   Lat Uljhi Suljha Ja Re – By Baba Bihari Ji Kathak : Raag Marubihag & Raag Adan :   Pag Ghunghroo Baandh – By Baba Bihari Ji Kathak : Raag Malkoush :  

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