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Future Music festival review – Gen Y expertly catered for, but never challenged

Randwick racecourse, Sydney
Knife Party, Die Antwoord, Avicii and Drake gave the crowds what they wanted, with Prodigy the only surprising note in an otherwise saccharine, hi-NRJ day

When a powerful witch wishes to summon a being from the otherworld, she uses one of the magician’s tools: the chalk circle. It calls the creature from places unseen to briefly inhabit this world while trapping it inside a safe boundary.

Future Music festival in Sydney was something like this: the track of Randwick racecourse calling some 50,000 punters to a day of sun and dancing. The startled looks on public transport and exclamations on social media — where are all these young people coming from? — backed up the view that for many Sydneysiders, the invasion of the city and its surrounds by Gen Y’s suburban throngs was more like the gates of hell opening than they’d have liked. Future really is hated by those outside its circle.

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